BTS' V recalls how the band recently met at Suga's house and cheered for each other: 'Some would dance and we said…' – The Indian Express

BTS’ V became a trending topic—more so than usual—-owing to his sultry photoshoot with Vogue Korea. After the band decided to collectively step back from making music for a while, each of them have been in pursuing their individual promotions for their solo careers. While V joined the other vocalists Jungkook, Jimin and Jin for Bad Decisions with Snoop Dogg and Benny Blanco, he also kept fans engaged with his reality show, In The Soop: Friendcation and recently, the photoshoot.
Talking to Vogue Korea, he said, “I think music helps us all breathe. I don’t think I would want to live if music was taken out of my life. I believe it’s music that amplifies all emotions, including comfort, fun, and feeling touched, in all patterns of my life, such as when I’m going to work, working, leaving work, and eating.”
He also commented on his status of being a ‘social butterfly’, as he is often seen at social gatherings with other high-profile celebrities. V, born Kim Taehyung, answered, “I’m the type to cherish my relationships with others. I originally like people and I think all artists, directors, writers, and reporters are precious. In the past, I did get hurt and start to shy away from people only viewing me as V or as a connection, but I still like people. The people around me now are the precious people who have made me who I am today.”
V has always expressed his worry that his fans might no longer feel the same way about the band if he doesn’t physically meet them. He said that it has become better lately owing to the various promotions, but it ‘will be hard’ if a phase comes and he can’t see them. “It’s regretful that I don’t think I’m able to meet fans as much as I feel determined to. However, I’m always working hard so that I can show my best when I do get the opportunity to meet fans,” he said.
Even though the band doesn’t appear together on camera as often as ARMY would like, V says that they are always rooting and supporting each other. “We really support each other. Recently, the members went to Suga’s house to share the solo songs we each made. Some would dance and we’d all say, ‘It’s good, it’s good!’” He added, “I don’t know if it’s because the members are preparing new music of their own color, but it’s great to see how passionately, actively, and diligently we’re making music and loving one another.” He also said that he was grateful that fans understood what the band had meant about their break during the emotional Festa dinner 2022. “I felt really thankful that ARMY perfectly understood how we felt. Thank you for supporting us so much. Thanks to you, I’ve been able to lighten that load a bit,” he said.
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